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Find the 🐼 animal emoji before time runs out.  100 levels! When you beat the game, your final score is the amount of seconds you had left. Inspired by Where's Waldo.

🔮 Crystal ball powerup:
Marks spots that are not where the hunted emoji is. So there's less area you have to look through.

🔍 Magnifying Glass powerup:
Makes everything bigger.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Animals, Cute, emoji, Mouse only, Point & Click, Touch-Friendly


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I really like this game! It's cute and simple. The time powerup didn't really feel like an advantage. I wished it was a little longer, even five seconds would've been enough time for me to keep looking, but it took me two seconds to even register I got more time and it was already over.

Thanks for the feedback! I made it only 2 seconds because extra time is carried over to the next round so if it was 5 seconds then you'd want to get it so much that it would be a bad idea to click the hunted animal without clicking the clock first. I didn't want it to ever be a bad idea to click the emoji you're trying to find. I could solve this by changing the clock emoji to be a freeze emoji that freezes the timer for 5 seconds.

Fun game. Emojis in games are nice to see.

Thanks! I do plan on making more emoji games.

nice, lightweight fun :)