Made for JS1024 competition. This game only 1kb of JavaScript! (besides the code to set up the canvas on a web page)

Play on your phone!

Find the animal emoji before time runs out. The faster you find it, the better because your extra time is carried over to the next round. When you beat the game, your final score is the amount of seconds you had left. Inspired by Where's Waldo.

Clock powerup:
Click it to add 2 seconds to your time.

Crystal ball powerup:
Marks spots that are not where the hunted emoji is. So there's less area you have to look through.

Firework powerup:
Marks a spot that is never near the hunted emoji. You don't have to click it, you could just look at it an know the hunted emoji isn't near there.


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I really like this game! It's cute and simple. The time powerup didn't really feel like an advantage. I wished it was a little longer, even five seconds would've been enough time for me to keep looking, but it took me two seconds to even register I got more time and it was already over.

Thanks for the feedback! I made it only 2 seconds because extra time is carried over to the next round so if it was 5 seconds then you'd want to get it so much that it would be a bad idea to click the hunted animal without clicking the clock first. I didn't want it to ever be a bad idea to click the emoji you're trying to find. I could solve this by changing the clock emoji to be a freeze emoji that freezes the timer for 5 seconds.

Fun game. Emojis in games are nice to see.

Thanks! I do plan on making more emoji games.

nice, lightweight fun :)